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Take the quiz to reveal your company's score.

Your score will be calculated and displayed alongside tailored feedback, providing clear guidance on where to focus next.

The purpose of this audit is to help you get an understanding of where you currently sit when you measure your business against the 6 Factors of HR.

This report will identify any risks and gaps that you need to focus on to ensure you are not only maximising your people assets in your business but protecting you from any unseen risks.

Sometimes you don’t know, what you don’t know. BUT, don’t worry we got you and can provide a comprehensive review to uncover your gaps and what you need to fill them.

Discover opportunities to
optimize your HR practices

With our comprehensive HR audit, you'll get a deep dive into your HR practices, culture, and workforce. Our structured process ensures that no detail is missed, and we'll ask all the right questions to identify areas for improvement.

Culture Audit

Your company culture is critical to your success, and we'll conduct a comprehensive audit to ensure that your mission and values are aligned with your business goals. We'll also provide feedback on any red flags that we identify and help you address them.

HR Compliance Review

We'll conduct a thorough audit of all your HR documents and compliance structures to ensure that you're meeting all legal requirements. Our review will identify any gaps and give you a clear roadmap for compliance.

Training Needs Analysis

We'll analyze your current workforce and identify skills gaps and capability issues to help you optimize your training and development programs. Our analysis will help you create a more effective and engaged workforce.

Reasonable Usage Terms

Membership Terms
The following terms apply to our HR Gurus Membership service if selected by you:
(a) General subscription: The HR Gurus Membership is a general subscription and does not involve any individual projects. If you require any additional projects beyond the scope of the subscription, we will provide you with an HR Services Proposal for those projects or the option to purchase a Block of hours.
(b) Phone calls: Your Online HR Consultant will provide you with an online link to our call booking system. To claim phone calls under your membership, you must book in a time using this link whenever you want to chat to your HR Consultant. Calls are intended to answer basic HR questions and do not include reviewing documents, emails or providing HR advice that requires time beyond the time of our HR Consultants on the phone. Calls are intended to be used for simple, ad hoc questions. Calls are limited to a maximum of 15 minutes.
(c) Free updates: Free updates include minor changes to any HR documents that were prepared for you by HR Gurus. These updates are subject to our 'reasonable usage' terms, and a HR Gurus HR Consultant should be able to collect your instructions and complete the updates in less than 15 minutes. These updates do not include any negotiations with another party. If you request changes to a document that are not included as a free update, then we will provide you with a discounted fixed-fee quote for these changes.
(d) Reasonable usage terms: The HR Gurus Membership Club is subject to our ‘Reasonable Usage Terms’ terms. This means you must not use our services in a way that a reasonable person would consider to be unreasonable.

This includes but is not limited to:
- Requesting multiple phone calls on a single topic or quick questions as an attempt to avoid purchasing a block of hours or Fixed Fee HR Services Proposal
- Requesting our HR Consultants provide advice or answers to complicated HR questions without giving them all the information to consider the matter at hand fully.
- Asking our HR Consultants to put advice in writing or respond to emails or read documents. (This would require you to purchase a block of hours.)
- Using the service in an inappropriate manner, or overusing the service
- Bullying or treating our HR Consultants in an unfavourable manner or pressing them to breach the Reasonable Use Terms
- Seeking legal advice that HR Gurus is not permitted to give

HR Gurus reserves the right to cancel the membership of parties who breach our Reasonable Usage Terms. If your membership is cancelled you will receive a full refund.

(e) Multiple entities: The membership is only valid for one business, for a single entity (ABN/ACN). The membership cannot be applied to other entities or businesses. We may, in our absolute discretion, extend certain membership benefits to related entities provided the work is (in our opinion) occasional and minor and is limited strictly to work in relation to the same business that is a HR Gurus Member, but we reserve the right to require at any time that you purchase another membership subscription for any related entity.
(g) Areas of HR: As part of your consultations, we can provide you with advice on any of the areas of HR that we service that in our reasonable opinion, we are qualified to advise on. This includes general HR advice around employee relations and industrial relations matters general questions about performance management issues, and general FWA & NES questions.
Some complicated HR questions will fall outside of the scope of your membership such as legal advice, advice on terminations of employment and any other matters that would require us to review documents. In any of these matters for us to provide formal written advice you will need to buy a block of hours.
We do not provide advice in the following areas: payroll, OHS, legal, taxation such as FBT, payroll tax, EAP services.
(h) Discounts: Your service includes 10% discounts on our standard fixed fee services including blocks of hours. The ‘discount’ means you’ll pay 10% less than the price we would otherwise charge a customer who wasn’t a member for the same job, if they requested it on the same date that you do (as a member). Please also note that our standard pricing may change throughout the year at our discretion. We also sometimes give introductory or other special pricing to non-members for various reasons, including as part of promotions and first-time client discounts, and your 10% member discounts will not be calculated with reference to these special prices.
(i) Conflicts: We reserve the right to refuse to provide HR advice to you (including any fixed fee advice or phone consultations) which if provided would, in our reasonable opinion, create or cause an actual or potential conflict of interest. If these circumstances arise, we will use reasonable endeavours to introduce you to an alternative HR provider who may be able to assist.
(j) Active Billing Method: In order to maintain access to the HR Gurus Membership, you must maintain an active credit card or other billing method in the billing section of the portal. This includes where we have provided a discount offer to you, which enables you to access the Membership at a discounted rate. If you wish to remove your billing method, your Membership will be cancelled and you will no longer have access to the benefits of the HR Gurus Membership.
(k) FAQs: Our FAQs, accessible at https://HR, set out further details of inclusions and exclusions of our membership service. These FAQs are incorporated into these terms and will prevail over these terms to the extent of any inconsistency.
(l) Payments: Your membership is a subscription service, which will auto-renew at the end of each term unless you cancel. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the following payment terms apply (except as otherwise agreed)
You will be charged annually in advance. We will auto-renew your subscription each year on or about the anniversary of your subscription date unless you notify us 7 days prior to the anniversary of the renewal that you do not wish to renew.

Payment provider
Unless we inform you otherwise, if you elect to pay by credit card, then a third-party payment provider (the Payment Provider) will be used to collect your credit card details and charge your credit card. The processing of payments by the Payment Provider will be, in addition to this Costs Agreement, subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the Payment Provider and we are not liable for the security or performance of the Payment Provider. Our current Payment Provider is Stripe ( We reserve the right to correct or to instruct our Payment Provider to correct, any errors or mistakes in collecting your payment.

With our HR audit, you'll get the insights and guidance you need to optimize your HR practices and drive success for your business. Sign up now for our free HR audit quiz and take the first step towards a better HR strategy.

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